About Us

CMS, Inc. was formed in 2005 to address the need in our community for qualified service technicians who could assist local businesses in their physical plant upkeep and preventative maintenance needs.

CMS, as an affiliate of Building Systems, Inc. (BSI), benefits from the partnership: from resources to materials to team members, BSI can support CMS with its 30+ years of experience in the construction industry.

CMS successfully operates in Erie and neighboring areas in a streamlined model
   -CMS visits your facility each month for a pre-determined length of time to perform routine   
     maintenance on all equipment in the facility as well as do a walk-through while on site
   -Our service tech checks in with the contact person to announce we are on site
   -The service technician performs his normal routine and work to complete forms and charts that will
     be site specific to your facility so that we have good documentation and history of all equipment
   -We recommend that the building manager compile a list of small repairs that are needed and could be
     completed when our service tech visits the building
   -Once the service tech completes the pre-determined functions, he reviews the list of repairs the
     organization has compiled since the last visit
   -He then works toward completing as many items on the list as possible in the allotted
     amount of time left for the scheduled visit
   -Any items that need picked up or purchased (light bulbs, minor hardware, etc...) are handled by our tech-

    as well as handling the installation of such

Exterior inspection i
ncludes but is not limited to:
   -parking lots, upper and lower lots
   -concrete curbs and sidewalks to inspect for safety
   -roof and flashings
   -gutters and downspouts
   -exterior signage
   -landscaping, irrigation and frost free hydrants

Interior inspection includes but is not limited to:
   -flooring and base moldings
   -ceiling tiles, grid work, and diffusers
   -doors, frames and hardware
   -restroom grab bars and accessories
   -restroom partitions
   -exit signage and emergency lighting

Mechanical inspection includes but is not limited to:
   -air handling units
   -energy recovery ventilators
   -refrigeration condensing units
   -hot water tanks
   -all exhaust fans
   -all sump pumps and backflow preventers
   -fire suppression system
   -fire alarm systems
   -emergency generator
   -electrical panels and disconnects

Also highly recommended are semi-annual HVAC Maintenance visits with CMS coordination 

*if this service is of interest to you, CMS will solicit and present appropriate pricing to you*

"...We judge the value of CMS, Inc. to businesses is significant and the opportunity

for your organization to turn over the burden of the physical plant upkeep

to a firm set up to handle that can be invaluable."